the Fantastic Glass Art
of David Ward

I paint with glass!

The art work shown here, are "NOT" acrylic or oil or watercolor paintings or photographs. They are breathtaking fantasy portraits formed with hundreds and thousands of pieces of translucent stained glass! The pieces are glued to glass and for added design details, grouted, instead of using lead as in traditional stained glass.

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Artist Design Process

In The Beginning
I created my first mosaic out of plastic pellets used to make model planes and boats when I worked at Monogram Models. At the end of each production run, we would "purge" the machine of the colored plastic and have, literally, thousands of scrap pellets that could not be used again. So, taking bags and bags of the stuff home, I would create plastic fantasy art figures and 3-D portraits.

Later in life, after 35 years of consulting experience and a Ph.D. in business, I enjoyed my first apprenticeship in stained glass at the Vetrate Artistiche Toscane in Siena, Italy. The Maestro taught me how to cut like a master, paint like a poor man's Michelangelo, and fish in the river in Florence like an angler's aficionado.

My second apprenticeship was with a Russian famous for his mosaics throughout the churches of Minsk. A dedicated artist, blood would drip from his fingertips (he cut every piece in his hands, not on the table), and he would exclaim, "David, you are my best student." But, you see, that wasn't hard, since I was his only student. No one else lasted more than a month.

Creative/Design Process
In creating a design, I visualize, "What if?" "What if" I take a creature/person from another world and put them in a scene from this world? "What if" I take a portrait of a lovely young woman and put her in a geometric sphere using thousands of glass chips to transport her to a different dimension.

Each mosaic glass art work is a one-of-a-kind fantasy art that will take you on a journey of the mind from a six-finger alien thinking of home to a futuristic man remembering a lost love.

I use ¼ inch plate glass, multicolor translucent glass chips, clear glue, colored grout mixed with fish scales and a glove of garlic, some blood from my fingertips, and a touch of humor to finish the recipe. The pattern is placed under the base glass. I then cut and nip the pieces -- thousands of colored glass pieces, some no bigger than one 1/16th of an inch. Positioning the pieces onto the glass, I glue them one by one, forming the patterns. Then, the pieces are grouted in the same way that mosaic masons have done for thousands of years to make a permanent, yet completely translucent design.

I still marvel when, for the first time, sunlight hits the finished piece and the images dance across the room reflected by the rainbow of color shining through the glass.

For More Information . . . And to Increase Your Enjoyment
As a client, you receive, in addition to the beauty of the piece, the quality of craftsmanship so that you, your children, and your children's children may enjoy it as much as you do. My fantasy art glass creations will add beauty, balance and harmony to your environment.

I would be delighted to make a special piece of art for you, like a portrait of a loved one, or a piece of futuristic fantasy mosaic glass to hang in your window or on your wall.

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